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Teacher and creator of Greatness Every Day. Matt lives in Sackville, NB, Canada and loves spending his time outdoors, racing triathlon, and learning.

My Top 10 Pieces of Equipment for Working at Home

The right equipment can help you stay focused, be more productive, and make work easier! In the second video of our "Work From Home" video...

Limting Beliefs: How They Affect Us

What Your Limiting Beliefs Do To You Until I started exploring the world of personal development, I did not know what a limiting belief was....

How to Set Up Your Work From Home Office

Create an amazing workspace in your own house! As many of us have recently been asked to work from home for an indefinite amount of...

Transformation with TJ Loeffler

Become the most inspiring person you know. For the new 20-2020 Series on our podcast, I was able to sit down with TJ Loeffler and...

How to Create Change in Your Life – Easy Process!

I believe that our lives tell a story. It involves a plot, setting, conflict, and characters (sometimes many of them…) and many other components...

I Am Writing a Book…

This might surprise you, but I am releasing a book on affirmations in the next few weeks and here are a few reasons I’m...

How to Give Constructive Criticism

There is a fine line between constructive criticism and destructive criticism and if your conversations result in the latter, it could do a lot...

Why Conflict Can Be Good

Conflicts in our lives could look like the interactions between you and that neighbour you don’t like; trying to negotiate your salary with your...

How to Invest in Yourself – 5 Key Ways

At the beginning of a new year, many people find themselves setting New Year’s Resolutions which may last for awhile, but much less than...

The Power of Purpose Book Review

Click here to get your copy of “The Power of Purpose” now: https://amzn.to/39ELp6h) I was first introduced to Les Brown by my mentor, who wanted...
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