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Teacher and creator of Greatness Every Day. Matt lives in Sackville, NB, Canada and loves spending his time outdoors, racing triathlon, and learning.

Technology to Help You Sleep Better

Learn how you can use technology to get a better sleep! Many people hear "don't use your phone before you go to sleep" and often...

Happy, Healthy, Wise, and Wealthy with Greg Diamond

Change your thinking and change your world to become happy, healthy, wise, and wealthy! For the new 20-2020 Series on our podcast, I was able to sit...

Neurodiversity with Shawn Smith

"I take each experience as an opportunity for  impact..." In the fourth episode of the 20-2020 Series on our podcast, I was able to sit down...

7 Negative Emotions Holding You Back

Understand what the 7 negative emotions are that holding you back. Emotions are a part of life. They are part of our survival mechanism and...

Vacation to Nevis and Reset Your Life

It is time to begin the life reset you deserve. I distinctly remember the first time I set foot on Nevis. I had just moved...

How to Make $500 a Month With an Online Business

Use your passion to create another stream of income! There is no doubt in my mind that online business is here to stay and that...

Choosing Happiness with Michaela Johnson

Be you, find happy! In the third episode of the 20-2020 Series on our podcast, I was able to sit down with Michaela Johnson and have...

5 Ways to Be More Productive Working From Home

Maximize your working from home productivity with these 5 tips! In the third video of our "Work From Home" video series on our YouTube channel,...

The Best Portfolio for Investing | Ray Dalio’s All-Weather Portfolio

Learn how to protect your money in any financial climate. Investing is a risky thing to do in any financial climate, but it also provides...

Mindset with Nash Mackey

Let this interaction be your permission to get clear on what you want in life. For the second episode of the 20-2020 Series on our podcast,...
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