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How I Made $1000 a Month as a Small YouTuber (And How You Can Do It, Too!)

How I Made $1000 a Month as a Small YouTuber

Learn how to create an incredible side income using YouTube even when your following is still growing!

When I first started my YouTube channel, I remember saying to my brother that I would probably only make $1 in my first year creating videos. Fast forward two years and I just made over $1000 last month solely from advertisements on my YouTube videos.

In this article, I am going to show you how I did this, so that you can do it too!

Let’s start by breaking down some statistics. I have two channels, both in the education niche.

I created my first channel The How-To Scholar when I was teaching high school. In my evenings, I would make videos related to topics I was covering in class and my students and parents gave me a lot of good feedback on them. I never monetized these videos until I stopped using them and the channel has basically been inactive for the past two years.

But, this inactive small YouTube channel made me $665.27 last month!

My second channel is Greatness Every Day and this is my main channel. This is where my focus goes because I have a long-term vision I am working to fulfill and this channel, and the topics I cover here, are a major part of this vision.

And last month, this small YouTube channel made me $364.18 when I only uploaded 4 videos!

So, even as a small YouTuber where both of these channels have less than 5000 subscribers, I managed to make over $1029 last month!

I could break down more stats like views, CPM, RPM, etc. but there are too many variables involved and are different for every channel, niche, and topics.

Instead, here is the process I used, and I want to see you grow your YouTube channel to over $1000 a month as well!

  1. Vision – You need to get clear on your vision.
  2. Commit – You need to commit to fulfilling your vision.
  3. Silence – You need to silence your own doubts and your haters.
  4. Refine – You need always be improving. 

I believe this framework I have outlined above is the reason for my “success”. I put that in quotation marks because that is a relative term. I am thankful that I pulled in a great side income from YouTube last month, but I am nowhere close to fulfilling my vision. The important thing is I am taking action and making it happen. I know my vision. I am committed to making it happen. I have silenced my stories of self-doubt. And I am always refining my craft.

If you want more information and how you can grow your YouTube channel to over $1000 a month, I am offering coaching sessions showing you my entire YouTube workflow. I will personally show you how I plan, film, edit, upload, and promote my videos. Access to these one-on-one sessions is $99 and you can sign up here: https://calendly.com/gr8nesseveryday/meeting?month=2020-10

For more information on how you can make a great income as a small YouTuber, please watch the full video here.

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Teacher and creator of Greatness Every Day. Matt lives in Sackville, NB, Canada and loves spending his time outdoors, racing triathlon, and learning.


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