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5 Success Principles

5 Success Principles
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Use these 5 principles to create success in your life!

Are you familiar with the saying success leaves clues? Let’s face it successful people don’t achieve greatness by some random stroke of luck. They almost always have similar principles and systems they follow that enable them to reach the next level of success. In this article, I want to share five principles for success that will outline a methodology for achieving your goals and improving your life. 

Let’s take a look at five success habits that will dramatically improve your life and put you on the road to success.


1. The power of goal setting


Did you know you are 42% more likely to achieve a goal by writing it down? Unfortunately, the vast majority of people never take the time to contemplate what they want to achieve and put those visions into writing. Even fewer people dedicate time every single day to review those goals and visualize their dream life coming to fruition. According to research, less than 3% of Americans write out their goals, and fewer than 1% read and review them daily.

Intention setting is a vital step in achievement that so many of us often overlook. The process of writing out our goals allows us to get laser-focused on precisely what it is we want to accomplish. By identifying one or two goals that take priority, we gain clarity around our purpose and can take immediate action towards achieving our goals. 

You don’t have to know precisely how you will reach your desired outcome; you simply have to know what it is you want to achieve and take any step you can think of that will move you towards it.

Regardless of the action, the mere act of visualizing yourself achieving your goal will seduce your subconscious mind to assist you in accomplishing it.


2. Visualize your dream life


Now that you have gotten crystal clear on exactly what you want to accomplish, it’s time to visualize that ideal life. Set aside a few minutes every day to sit in solitude and imagine yourself living out your perfect life. How does it look and feel? Create vivid and detailed images of your dream life playing out exactly as you wish. 

The brain cannot tell the difference between something imagined or something that has happened. Essentially, visualization expands the neurons’ network in your mind and amplifies your Reticular Activating System (RAS). 

The RAS is responsible for filtering information that is relevant to us. When we visualize, our brains encode it as a real memory—visualizing changes the RAS filter. By continuously visualizing your goals, you will trigger the RAS to filter in the information that makes it more likely to achieve your desires.


3. Plan to increase productivity


The fewer distractions you have throughout the day, the more productive you will be. According to Dr. John DeMartini, there are three types of time: unproductive, productive, and super-productive. The better you become at structuring your day, the more productive and less stressed you will be. Even something as simple as deciding what you will wear or have for lunch the night before will reduce the amount of time and energy you spend on decision making. 

The fewer decisions you have to make throughout your day, the more energized and focused you will be to perform productive and super productive tasks. By structuring your days, you will waste less time on trivial tasks like scrolling on social media or surfing the internet. Leave little up to chance, and you will move through your days with more ease, less stress. and greater productivity.


4. Embrace fear and act accordingly


How many times have you allowed fear to stop you from reaching your desired outcome? Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of judgment. You name it. Fear has a stronghold over most of our lives and cripples our success.

It is powerful, yet fear is nothing more than an illusion: False, Evidence, Appearing, Real.

But why is fear so powerful? 

Because as a society, we tend to look outside of ourselves for validation, approval, and recognition.

We seek acceptance from others rather than love and accept ourselves. 

This longing for approval casts a shadow over the life we say we want.

Rather than step into the unknown, we often retract and remain stuck. 

Greatness requires stretching outside of our comfort zone and becoming comfortable in being uncomfortable. Expect and embrace fear as a part of leveling up.


5. Develop your mindset


Think of your brain as a muscle. If you don’t use your muscles, they will begin to atrophy, and so will your brain. Get in the habit of feeding your mind daily with positive, inspirational, and motivational content through books, audiobooks, podcasts, etc. 

Read positive affirmations daily to influence your subconscious mind to focus on what you want to achieve. The more you feed your mind nourishing thoughts, the better it will flourish.


Final Thoughts


Building your character by developing positive daily habits and routines will serve you immensely in life. Success is less about what you accomplish or acquire during your rise to the top, and more about who you become during the climb.


*Read more from Bridget Barrett on her website “Awakened Adulting” here.


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