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What is Habit Batching? Do This to Work More Efficiently

What is Habit Batching?

Save massive amounts of time, energy, and money using this method!

The quest to become more productive and efficient is a monumental task for most of us.

Our habits are the behaviours we do regularly and consistently. Waking up at 5 AM is an example of a wellness habit. Praying every night before you fall asleep is an example of a spiritual habit. Habits can be good, neutral, or bad, but the key is we all have habits in different areas of our lives.

One of the ways you can save a lot of time, energy, and potentially even money is by using a method called habit batching.

Habit batching is the action of grouping similar habits or processes together. This could look like a company sending all of their mail out on a certain day of the week, rather than sending mail out daily. You might decide to check your emails between certain hours in the morning/afternoon, rather than visit your inbox each time a notification goes off, and a variety of other examples.

I have had a lot of success implementing habit batching into my routine and the results have saved me a lot of time and energy, which has allowed me to make more money.

This is how:

Currently, I have made over 150+ videos for the Greatness Every Day YouTube Channel. It is long process to think of a video topic, plan the video, set up the studio, record the clips, import the media, edit it together, and then export, upload, and promote the video.

These are all of the steps needed to make just one video. On average, it will take anywhere from 2-5 hours, so take that number and multiply that by 150 to find out how many hours I have spent doing what I do…

Lately, I have implemented habit batching in an effort to make this process more efficient and I am very happy with the results.

Since I released 2-3 videos every week, I have found that I can batch the process into a few main areas.

I typically like the think of video topics and plan the videos in one session. I set up the studio and record the clips for all of the videos in another session. And then I edit and upload the videos to YouTube in a final session.

Doing this allows me to get all of the videos done in roughly under 6 hours a week depending on how detailed I make them.

If we are looking at making a couple of videos, the time saved doesn’t seem too significant, but when you multiply that by 150, 200, or 500, the savings are substantial.

My challenge for you is to think about one area in your life that you can incorporate habit batching. Test it out over the next few weeks and see how much time you save. Be conscious of your energy levels while completing the tasks. And in some instances, be aware of it is saving (or making) you money.

Click here to watch the full video on the Greatness Every Day YouTube Channel.


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