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Track the days you spend money (or not) to keep more of it in your pocket!

I have done a fair number of financial experiments over the few years with the goal of improving my money mindset. One of my most recent ones is the most simple one I have done. It involves tracking the days I spend my money versus the days I do not, but could such a simple challenge result in more money in my pocket?

One of the things that drove me to this challenge was the fact that it was the simplest financial experiment I have done to date.

Here are the steps to complete your no-spend days challenge:

1. Get a monthly calendar. I use a whiteboard calendar since it is easy to use month after month and erase things if I need to. I also prefer using two different colors to distinguish between no-spend days and did-spend days.

2. Record the days you do not spend money with a checkmark. Since the focus is to increase the days you spend money, this should be the daily goal, so count your success with a daily checkmark.

3. Record the days you spend money by tracking item and amount. On days you spend money, record the item(s) you buy along with the price. This will allow you to see if the items you are buying are truly necessary and easily add up your total spendings for each month.

4. Aim to make the NO-SPEND DAYS > DID-SPEND DAYS. Your entire goal is to make the no-spending days greater that you did-spend days. That is what success looks like here.

5. Set a goal to raise the no spend days and lower the did-spend days in consecutive months. After you a 1-3 months of baseline information that document your regular spending habits, set try and increase the days you do not spend money. It will be really easy to see if you are improving if these days increase and the money you are spending decreases.

The steps to this challenge are quite simple, but the results can be extremely rewarding. Simply tracking the days I spend money versus the days I do not has allowed me to save more money. With the money I save, I invest it with the expectation of multiplying it, and because of that, I am going to happily continue doing this challenge.

You can watch the full video detailing the no-spend challenge on our YouTube channel here.


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