Home Habits Use the FORD METHOD to Have Better Conversations

Use the FORD METHOD to Have Better Conversations

Use the FORD METHOD to Have Better Conversations

Having a regular process will help you have better conversations.

Conversations are an important part of life that we cannot avoid and having a strategy will help you have higher quality relationships, secure business deals, and a variety of other things. We all know people who are naturally gifted when it comes to meeting people. They are the life of the party and everyone knows who they are when they walk in the room, but what can you do if that is not you?

Having a good conversation with someone is quite simple when you approach it with a strategy, whether you are meeting someone for the first time, or have known them forever.

The strategy I have use to establish and foster my connections is called the F.O.R.D. Method and is something you can start using right away. Work each aspect of the acronym below into your conversations using this easy-to-remember method.

The “F” stands for FAMILY, which is an easy entry into a conversation with anyone. Asking someone about their family is something that is easy to ask, and easy to answer, so it is a great way to get to know someone.

The “O” stands for OCCUPATION. People love to talk about what they do, so getting someone to tell you what they do for work is a great opportunity to learn more about them, whether they like their job, or not, and discover what drives them.

The “R” stands for RECREATION. Finding out what someone loves to do when they aren’t at work reveals a lot about someone. Do they spend time golfing, or are they going hiking with their family? Do they sit back and watch tv for hours on end, or are they volunteering in their community? It’s a great question to make common questions between the two of you.

The “D” stands for DREAMS, which is an advanced stage of conversation for some people and I would only recommend going to this point if you and the person you are talking to is enjoying it.

Now that you know a strategy that will help you have better quality conversations, you want to test you skills, and the best way to do this is by practice. Be mindful of how you can easily work your questions and inquiries into the conversation, and how you can demonstrate active listening. Practicing it in your mirror, at your local coffeeshop, or in unexpected situations will only help you learn what works, and what does not work, so get out there and practice!

Click here to watch the full video, let us know what you think about the FORD Method!

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