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How to Stand Out at Your Job


Learn how to stand out at your job… in a good way!

Standing out at your workplace has many benefits and I’m not going to tell you to speak out often during meetings, do more than your job requires, or something petty, but I am going to give you something better and it will work for you regardless of your type of work, personality, or experience.

Part of standing out at your job involves being unique and there are many ways to do this. You could be that person that wears bright clothes, or is always volunteering for something, but I’ve got something better for you.

My advice for people wanting to stand at their jobs is for you to learn a high-income skill that helps you, but also helps your employer. Examples of high-income skills could be copywriting, video production, coaching, sales expertise and many more skills depending on your industry.

There are many benefits when you learn one of these high-income skills. It could help increase your job security and keep you at your company during layoffs. It could result in you getting a raise, or a promotion ahead of someone else. In my opinion, there is no losing when you develop a high-income scale because you will be able to add it to your resume and apply it wherever you work.

I wish that I could tell you watching this video to learn the skill of copywriting for example, but that might not be the best skill for you to learn in your current workplace, so instead, I’m going to put the challenge out there for you to develop a high-income skill that will help your employer, while helping you stand out at your job.

To do this I have split it up into three steps:

The first thing to do is to ask yourself “what skill is missing from my workplace, and would help my employer?” By helping, this could mean saving the company money, making tasks more efficient, or increasing profit as a few examples.

The second thing to do is to identify how you can learn to do the skill. It could be as simple as visiting another workplace and learning it from someone else. It might involve you taking a course on your own, or your employer my pay for it. Or it might need to be learned another way, but it is important to find the best option to obtaining the scale.

The third thing to do is after you have learned the high income skill, it’s time to show up. Make sure that your employer knows and understands what you can offer them, and allow your skill to speak for itself.

Now that you possess a high-income skill, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop there. The more you can add sustainably over time, the more you will stand out.

Click here to watch the full video, let us know what you think the top high-income skills are in the comments!

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