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7 Negative Emotions Holding You Back

The 7 Negative Habits
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Understand what the 7 negative emotions are that holding you back.

Emotions are a part of life. They are part of our survival mechanism and at the same time a part of our path to success, but those two results are very different things. While we have negative emotions, we also have positive emotions and both are competing for the space in your life. In this article, I am going to outline what the 7 negative emotions are, so you will know which ones you need to avoid and shift away from.

I first came across an official list of negative emotions while reading Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich”. It is a timeless classic written by Napoleon Hill after tracking the habits of some of the most powerful people in the world during his time. This list allowed me to clearly see the emotions that affect us negatively so we can consciously shift away from them when they come up in our lives in the future.

The 7 Negative Emotions are:

1. Fear

2. Jealousy

3. Hatred

4. Revenge

5. Greed

6. Superstition

7. Anger

Now that you know the list of negative emotions that are holding you back, be aware when they show up in your life. It is important to recognize when they happen because this will allow you understand where they originate from and then ultimately avoid them from consuming your life in the future.

I find that many people I know do not take the time to recognize the negative emotions they are experiencing and push them aside believing this solves the problem, but in reality it just causes more down the road and keeps them stuck in a bad cycle.

I believe that it is important to feel these emotions and work to find out where they come from. Identify when they come up and how you feel during these moments. Who is involved? Does it happen in one environment, or multiple? How do you react? These are a few of the questions you can use to self-regulate and identify when you feel these negative emotions.

My process in converting these moments into positive moments involve self-regulation, forgiveness, good habits, and much more, so stay tuned for our article on identifying the positive habits!

You can watch the full video on YouTube describing the 7 negative emotions here.


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