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Choosing Happiness with Michaela Johnson

Michaela Renee Johnson

Be you, find happy!

In the third episode of the 20-2020 Series on our podcast, I was able to sit down with Michaela Johnson and have a great conversation about happiness, taking advantage of your present situation, emotional resilience, and more!

Michaela Johnson is an American psychotherapist and life coach who will help inspire you on your way to happiness; encourage you to live a courageous life of authenticity; and speak your truth with grace. She offers coaching, her new “Empowered” motivational journal for women, workshops, and other resources to help you live your greatest life and I am very excited to share this interview with you.

The 20-2020 Series is a new series that started Monday, April 20th on the Greatness Every Day Podcast that sees me interview 20 world-leaders and game changers, all in the year 2020. There are going to be some great guests and topics discussed, so be sure to head over and listen to the episode here.



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