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5 Ways to Be More Productive Working From Home

5 Tips to be More Productive Working From Home

Maximize your working from home productivity with these 5 tips!

In the third video of our “Work From Home” video series on our YouTube channel, I give you five tips you can use to be more productive while working from home. Work from home productivity often suffers unless you take specific and strategic action to protect your productivity and these five ways I outline in this article will help you greatly.

1. Increase work from home productivity is by choosing a good workspace. I believe the physical environment we choose to live and work in has much more of an impact on us than we are aware of, so choosing a good workspace is extremely important to ensuring high productivity. I look for an area (or room) of my house that has a lot of natural lighting, no distractions, and a spot that allows me to work in multiple environments or variations. Do not rush the choice of selecting a good workspace and if you identify that one spot is not working, feel free to change it.

2. Increase work from home productivity by scheduling out your day and I do this in two ways:

On Sunday evening of every week, I schedule out the most important events and tasks of my week. By looking at my week as a whole, I am able to prioritize the events of my week and schedule them out in a way that allows me to focus on each one with the attention that they deserve while doing so in a sustainable way. I find too many people are focused on what they have to do in the short-term and are not creating systems that produce long-term change.

The second way I schedule out my days is by scheduling out the next day in detail before I go to sleep. I block out my tasks in short time frames (30, 45 minutes, 1 hour, etc.) and plan out my day. This helps me greatly because before my feet hit the ground the next morning, I know what I have to do and I am going to follow through on it.

3. Increase work from home productivity by using the Pomodoro Method. This is my favourite technique to recommend to my students and clients because it increases focus, productivity, inhibits physical and mental fatigue, and has many more benefits. This time-management method consists of a 25 minute work period and 5 minute rest period which equal one pomodoro. After you complete 4 complete pomodoros, you then go into a longer rest period before starting another cycle.

4. Increase work from home productivity by acting like normal. This tip tricks your brain into believing that although your workplace is not the same, everything else is. Wake up at the same time instead of sleeping in late. Following the same morning routine and if you change it, add a new habit that improves it. Get dressed in nice clothes, do not laze around in your pajamas all day. This will allow you to subconsciously maintain normalcy in this season of instability.

5. Increase work from home productivity by keeping your space clean. Maintaining a clean workspace is without a doubt going to increase your productivity because it allows you to work efficiently instead of having to spend your time working around things. I like to set up a check-in cleaning system. I write down in rooms in my house on a post-it note and spend a little bit of time cleaning one of the rooms every day. When I finish, I take the post-it note and throw it away, so I physically see what I have completed, and what I have left to do.

By incorporating these 5 tips, you will increase your work from home productivity and make others wonder how you do it. Learn more about it by watching the┬áthird video of our “Work From Home” video series on our YouTube channel.

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