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How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind for Success

How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind for Success
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Let’s begin with a brief overview of the differences between the conscious and the subconscious minds. Are you aware that the total mind is made up of only 5 percent conscious mind while the other 95 percent is the subconscious?

Our conscious mind is what we call the rational mind. It’s comprised of logic, will power and critical thinking. Whereas, the subconscious mind influences our thoughts and actions through our beliefs, values, and imagination.

Most of us would assume we are in control of our daily thoughts, actions, and behaviors. However, we often fail to consider the enormous impact the subconscious mind has over our habits and decisions.

The subconscious mind absorbs and records all the events that have shaped us throughout our lives. The problem is the vast majority of what we have downloaded over the years have been dis-empowering and self-sabotaging beliefs.

As we begin to contemplate how much the mind is influenced by the subconscious, we can start to understand its incredible power over us. Both positively and negatively.

We often fail to consider the many ways in which we can begin to reprogram the subconscious mind. This reprogramming drastically increases our likelihood of achieving success.

Understanding the workings of the mind allows us to work consciously and deliberately at unwiring old belief systems and rewiring new thought patterns that will serve us not derail us.

Awareness is Critical

First and foremost, it’s essential that we become aware of the thoughts and behaviors that are negatively impacting our lives. We have all been conditioned from a young age to think and act a certain way.

Unfortunately, the majority of our thoughts and behaviors as adults are negatively influenced by self-limiting beliefs that have been stored in our subconscious since childhood.

Awareness is the first step at identifying these thoughts and beliefs and evaluating their impact.

Are your thoughts supporting or sabotaging your success?

Imagine the subconscious mind to be the soundtrack of your life.

  • Is it filled with positivity, optimism and excitement for the future?
  • Or is it a soundtrack of doom and gloom?
  • Are you constantly looking for what’s going right or what’s going wrong in your life?

This simple shift in awareness can have an enormous impact on your overall happiness and success. Begin to notice your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis. If you are feeling sad or depressed write down the reasons behind those feelings.

Are you continuously reliving events from the past that have been stored in the subconscious or are you fearful of the future based on things that have gone wrong in the past?

Ultimately, you must become hyper aware of your thought patterns and negative tendencies.

As said by Dr. Joe Dispenza in his book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, “The purpose of becoming self-aware is so that you no longer allow any thought, action, or emotion you don’t want to experience to pass by your awareness. Thus, in time, your ability to consciously inhibit those states of being will stop the same firing and wiring of the old neural networks that are related to the old personality.”

Your awareness is similar to shining a bright light in the dark recesses of your mind. Awareness brings those thoughts and feelings out of the subconscious and into the conscious mind where you can begin to strip away the unwanted layers of yourself.

Reprogramming requires consistency

Now that you’ve become hyper aware of the thoughts that don’t serve you, it’s time to reprogram the mind through repetition and reinforcement.

Imagine your mind is like a computer.

In order to make it do exactly what you want it to do, you must get inside the operating system and program the subconscious to act in accordance with what you want in life.

You must feed the mind with powerful and descriptive words and affirmations.

You are no longer going to perpetuate the negativity in your life by reaffirming unpleasant thoughts. Instead, you are going to focus on the positive and the ideal outcomes of the future.

The best way to predict the future is to create it through consistent and deliberate programming of the mind. Using your imagination, begin to visualize the life you want and start to feel the feelings associated with that ideal life.

Now, hold onto those feelings for as long as possible throughout your day. As you train your subconscious to feel those feelings of joy and excitement you will begin reprogramming the subconscious to attract those events into your life.

Your subconscious will now be working for you and not against you.

The great Wayne Dyer said in his book, The Power of Intention, “If you’re experiencing scarcity, anguish, depression, an absence of love, or any inability to attract what you desire, seriously look at how you’ve been attracting these circumstances into your life. Low energy is an attractor pattern. It shows up because you sent for it. Even if on a subconscious level.”

Attitude of Gratitude

How do we begin attracting all that we want in life? We must begin by practicing gratitude for all that we already have. Your words and thoughts of gratitude will prime the subconscious mind to begin each day looking for more things to be grateful for.

In turn, attracting more and more positive things into your life. Thinking and feeling the words “thank you” activates a vibrational frequency that is in alignment with all that you desire.

I highly suggest spending ten minutes in the morning writing a gratitude list. List five to ten things you are grateful for and the reason why every day. Your list can include anything that comes to mind.

Practice living in a state of appreciation and watch how you begin attracting more of what you desire.

As Joseph Murphy writes in, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, “The thankful heart is always close to the creative forces of the universe, causing countless blessings to flow toward it by the law of reciprocal relationship, based on a cosmic law of action and reaction.”

Your subconscious mind is always working behind the scenes. The question is whether or not you have taken the reigns to feed it what you want it to believe, or you will continue to allow the negative programming it has been fed by others to dictate your life and future.

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