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How to Set Up Your Work From Home Office

How to Set Up Your Work From Home Office

Create an amazing workspace in your own house!

As many of us have recently been asked to work from home for an indefinite amount of time, it is important to make sure that you are able to stay productive, but this is often easier said than done.

Your physical environment has a greater effect on you than most people realize. I believe it affects obvious things like your energy, productivity and mindset to name a few, but it also affects what your customers think of you, and even how you interact with your family!

In order to make sure that you set yourself up for success before you even start working, you need to consider where the work will be done.

When setting up a work from home work space, it is important to consider what you will need to do. Are you going to be working independently, or with another family member? Will you be spending a lot of time on the phone or video calls?

Recently, I decided to renovate my office and this forced me to look for another space in my house to work for a few weeks. Combined with the fact that I am now working from home, I really like the changes that I made and so much in fact that I think things will stay this way permanently! (It also creates the space for a workout room…)

Four things that I looked for when setting my “office” up are:

Comfort – It was important for me to choose an area of my house that I was comfortable in. Many schools and businesses have moved away from “traditional” style workplaces and have seen a rise in employee morale and many other positive results because of these changes. Choosing an area in your home where you are comfortable is also important because you are spending the majority of your time there as well.

A designated area – The spaces we live, work, and play in all affect us in some way. My goal with creating a zone for me to work in was to create a subconscious message that when I am in this space, I am there to be productive. I treat other areas in my house with this same attitude and it has proven to be successful.

No distractions – I have been on Zoom calls before where people are driving, they are travelling to/from work, or their kids are yelling in the background and that is so distracting. It is important to recognize that your environment does not only have an effect on you!

Natural Lighting – Mental alertness, energy levels, and mood all increase when your environment contains a lot of natural light. For times when you need to control the amount of light in your area, blinds or curtains will do the job!

Use these four tips to set up your home office and become even more productive when working from home!

Watch our video on “How to Set Up Your Work From Home Office” here.

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