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The Power of Purpose Book Review


Click here to get your copy of “The Power of Purpose” now: https://amzn.to/39ELp6h)

I was first introduced to Les Brown by my mentor, who wanted me to listen to him because he is an amazing speaker and when I searched out The Power of Purpose, I only found it in audio form and for me that was great because one of the best ways to become a better public speaker and presenter is by listening to great speakers speak.

So that was one reason I was interested in this book and a second reason was because I have found a lot of value in listening to audiobooks because I can consume the content passively while I am doing other tasks. I like to put one on when I am getting ready in the morning, or when I’m driving, so it was a big win-win for me.

The audiobook is just under 7 hours long and I listened to one or two chapters a day since most chapters were about 30 minutes long.

The content of THE POWER OF PURPOSE walks you through how you can create the life you always wanted by living out your purpose, which is something that can be extremely difficult to do, but once you do figure that out, a lot of things change. When you know your WHY, it seems like you have a never-ending supply of energy, your skills get used fully, and a lot of the smaller details in life don’t matter as much because you are focused on the larger, more purpose-driven things that are pushing you forward rather than pulling you backwards.

The different chapters of the book are set up to give you some background of Les Brown’s upbringing and situations he found himself in which weren’t as easy or as glamorous as you might think a successful person would have had to help you experience the freedom and power of finding your life’s work; focus and take action to pursue your greatness; and motivate yourself while living a life of integrity.

Another key section supports you in separating yourself from the past you to who you are and living with an attitude of gratitude. I find that this concept of separation from your past self to who you currently are a very difficult one for many of us to make because we so often bring our baggage with us that this one lesson from the book alone could help many listeners and this is a powerful book that I believe will help you create the life you always wanted.

I’ve really enjoyed listening to this book because it’s inspired me a lot as I am growing Greatness Every Day. One of the examples he explains is how people are literally dying to go to work because they don’t like their jobs, or what they do professionally isn’t aligned with their purpose, or for a lot of people they don’t even have a clue to what their purpose even is. I am lucky that I do really enjoy my job because it is in line with the values I have and what I believe my purpose is, but it encouraged me to grow the other passions I have like the videos and coaching I do with Greatness Every Day on the side and seeing where that takes me.

Every chapter gave me a lot of insight and inspiration, I burst out in laughter quite a bit and most of the time it was from Les Brown’s own laughter, so I am sure that you will enjoy listening to it and it will be valuable to you and it is definitely a book that I am going to listen to more than once!

Click here to get your copy of “The Power of Purpose” now: https://amzn.to/39ELp6h

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