Greatness Every Day was started by Matt Wheaton out of transformation. He was tired and frustrated due to complacency in his life and knew something needed to change. In a challenge to himself to live his greatest life, he started an Instagram account to encourage others and is building a community of like-minded people who want to do the same.

With over 1 000 000 minutes watched of his educational videos related to personal development and high-performance living, Matt is gaining attention and becoming a leader in these fields. His podcast has 62 000+ listens and was featured in the “Top 100” list of podcasts on Anchor.

In addition to content creation, Matt also loves to coach and speak at events. He has worked with Lolë as a brand ambassador and is always willing to hear from interested purpose-driven brands.

Please contact Matt if you would like to schedule an interview, coaching session, or for any other inquiries!